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Currently Playing - Most Hallható


Fair-Play - Don't Forget Ben Johnson (World Record Mix) [English Version, 1988]


Coming up - Következnek:
Tammie Lee - Sky High (Maxi Single, 1984)
Murray Macdougall - You're My Number One (1987)
Dyva - Cannery The Canary (Extended First Version)

Recently played songs - Elhangzott Dalok

Bent Boys - Walk The Night (1984)


Buy CD! Art Of Emotion - A Day, A Day (1986)


Energy - Dancing In The Night (Vocal Version, 1985)


Buy CD! Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte (No Estan Aqui) [1985]


Anthony's Games - Silent Smiles (Remix)


Silent Circle - Man Is Coming (Instrumental)


Buy CD! A.G.F. - Loved By You (Instrumental Version, 1984)


Buy CD! Helicon - Pretty Jane (Casual Version, 1985)


Claudio Mingardi - Forever Mine (Extended Version, 1988)


Buy CD! Curtie & The Boombox - Let's talk it over in the ladies' room (1985)


Monthly Top 10 Requests
1. Fancy (6)
    Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Again) [Maxi Single, 1985]
2. D.J. Program & Mr. Drummond (3)
    Desire (1988)
3. Laban (3)
    Love In Siberia (1986)
4. "i" featuring Alison Yasou (3)
    More Than a Dream (Disco Mix, 1988)
5. East Wall (3)
    Eyes Of Glass (1985)
6. M (2)
    Pop Muzik (The 1989 Re-mix) [1989]
7. T. Ark (2)
    Count On Me (1987)
8. L.I.F.E. (2)
    It's Happens All The Time (Remix, 1987)
9. Lana Pellay (2)
    Pistol In My Pocket (Maxi Single, 1986)
10. Lorraine McKane (2)
    Let The Night Take The Blame (1984)

Radio Italo Disco Hungary, Best Of 80's Italo Disco Classics, Hi-Nrg, Eurodisco, Synthpop, Non-Stop Radio Station, More than 8,500 songs on the playlist. Interactive request show. The playlist is available in the radio website menu (Playlist and Requests) and selected music will be aired within minutes.Eltűn Disco slágerek, ritkaságok a 80-as évekből. A nap 24 órájában Italo-Disco, EuroDisco, Hi-NRG, SynthPop ritkaságokat sugárzó rádió. Interaktív kívánságműsor. A Playlist elérhető a rádió honlapján és a kiválasztott zenék perceken belül adásba kerülnek. Gyakran forgatjuk a Maxi lemezek B oldalát is. Korabeli Mixek, Remixek, Megamixek a stílus ismert és kevésbé ismert képviselőitől. Best Of 80's Italo Disco Classics.

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